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By Vendulka - March 17, 2019

Hi, my dears,
do you know what? February KnitCrate didn't come. The KnitCrate company was trying a new delivery service, but I don't know if it was a happy idea. Anyway, they wrote to me, that they switched to the old delivery method and look at what I found today in my post office? :-)

Yarn, flowers and purse

Tell me, what animal do these colors remind to you?

The little blue Titmouse

Yarn and magazine


I still love to watching them and taking pictures of these little claws in front of our window.


And now you know the inspiration of this month.
  ★ A T I M E  T O  S H I N E  

Yarn, magazine and flower

And what of beauty is inside?
400 yards of Knitologie Sheen yarn
My colorway: Titmouse
And it is 45% Merino Woll, 15% Silk 10% Cashmere
So tell me, isn't that beautiful?... ♥

Ball of yarn

Yarn, flower, magazine

There are so many beautiful patterns inside:
Hannah Thiessen designed a really lovely design of knitted hat and set of scarf and headband. Kendall Timko designed the crocheted scarf and there is also an extra downloadable bonus pattern of Honeycomb shawl by Bonnie Barker. You can find there also other patterns e.g. Treeometry socks by Tracy Seamster, Lilia Vanini knitted scarf, A lovely beanie by Irina Pismenskaya and lovely knitted socks by Chloé Fourtune-Ravard.

Ball of yarn

Ball of yarn

Ball of yarn

And look what a beautiful little bag I found too. 
I love it! I didn't know it before, but now I know, that I really needed this :-)


I am really curious if the next KnitCrate comes in time. 
Anyway, I will let you know, about it for sure :-).

My summary: 
Every month full of inspiration! :-) Luxury yarn for an amazing price and I love it!
If you like this kit too, pick your KnitCrate here now, the March kit is available to the end of the March. They have many types of subscription e.g. by the month (a one-time purchase), 3-months, or even a full year etc. and if you will use this code: MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. It sounds great, right? I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission.

Thank you for the reading, my dears!

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