A little bit of colors in January

By Vendulka - January 31, 2019

Hi, my dears,
so the first month of a new year and my KnitCrate was wondering somewhere. I get it on the last day of the month. I will write the review anyway :-) The KnitCrate company is trying to use another delivery service - so I guess, it needs some time, to the little mistakes will be solved. 

So, take a look with me if all that waiting is worth it :-)

The topic and the inspiration for January KnitCrate is:

 S l e e p y  N e w  Y e a r 


OK, after the first look, I can say, yes - it worth to it :-)


And I exactly know, what I will make from this beautiful and warm yarn :-)
And what type is it?

Exclusively made for KnitCrate

Vidalana Ambient Worsted Yarn
100% Peruvian Highland Wool
201 yards in 100 g - and you will find 2 skeins. 
It means 402 yards in a total of this amazing yarn. 


Look at these beautiful designs here! There are patterns for knitting and crocheting - all could choose the most favorite technique, or just learn something new :-)

Yarn and patterns

Yarn and patterns

Yarn and patterns

Do you see how many patterns you can find here?
Personally, I am looking forward to trying this cute pattern. It looks soooo cool :-) 

Yarn and patterns

My summary:
Well, I am sorry, that my KnitCrate came so late, that I can't write a review for you sooner. But on the other side - did you know, that you can buy the older KnitCrates until they are not sold out and solid yarn and patterns anytime on Knitcrate website? :-)
Anyway - as I said at the beginning of my review - this kit worth for all this waiting. Thank you, KnitCrate :-)

I am writing a review about this kits regularly so you can take a look on a new one and if you like to try one of their subscriptions and if you will use this code: MAGIC20 and you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. It sounds great, right? I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission.

Thank you for the reading, my dears!

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