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By Vendulka - April 16, 2018

That is really bright!
This was the first, what came to mind when opened my April KnitCrate

on the topic:
 ★  G O L D E N  H O U R  

April KnitCrate Review by VendulkaM

That color combination is amazing.

April KnitCrate

 It makes me wake up! At it is exactly, what I need these days :-)

There are two skeins of Superwash Merino wool by Audine Wool
215 in one skein - it means 430 g of yarn totally :-)

tralalalalalala la la la

And I get the shade Prickly Pear

Do you remember the blue-violet colorway from January KnitCrate. So this yarn is from the same brand, exclusive hand dyed for KnitCrate, but with a little bit wither gauge. So the work will go faster, yeah! :-) Soooo many things are on my list! I rewrote it as I said in my latest post, but ... I think I am the incorrigible optimist... 

There are two patterns in this kit again:

For the knitters: wonderful shawl named CLORIS
Designed by Emily Johannes

For the crocheters: TEMPEST COWL
Designed by Abbey Swanson

Anyway, the colorway in the picture is called Endless Sky is also charming. 
I love it!

My summary: 
To tell you the truth, I was surprised by the color in the first few moments. But then I really loved it. I am knitting a shawl for me and I added raspberry pink there :-) Do you like it bright? Well, it will be bright :-) And I loooove it. I am writing a post when I will show you my projects using my little treasuries from KnitCrate and I hope you will like it :-)

So my summary: exclusive yarn for great value and two patterns - that all for 24.99 USD including shipping! Why are you waiting? :-) Enjoy the fun :-)!

Every month I get wonderful yarn in the colors which will always surprise me - in a good way of course! If you like it too, pick your KnitCrate here now, the April kit is available to the end of the April. They have many types of subscription e.g. by the month (a one-time purchase), 3-months, or even a full year etc. and with my unique code MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. It sounds great, right? I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission.

The titmouse report :-) :

Do you remember our blue titmouse? Another special came to our ball too :-) 

When I look at this picture - still in April Knitcrate mood :-) Do you see?

The Titmouse with a black head is called Parus Major, for those, who is interested in :-)

But look, who is still near :-)

Thank you very much for reading, my dears :-)

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