The real Spring - you are expected!

By Vendulka - April 02, 2018

The idea of writing the blog, in a comfortable chair or bed, with ease like Carrie Bradshaw sounds so great. But as my mom says:

"Dream is a dream, you wake up and it is a day" 
(It sounds like the rhyme in my native language)
I admit, it is not very optimistic, but it is so true.

I love to write my blog so much and be in touch with you! ♥ I am always sad when I have no time and energy to write new posts and visit my personal candy shop. Anyway, thanks to my Insta, I can be with you a little bit at least. 

The plan looks always so great, but there will come some illnesses that will righteously visit all family members - repeatedly, a cold that will not allow you to pull your hands out of the blanket, the days so short that you think it may not cost to get up, and so much work, that it is impossible to fulfill. Everything around is gray and sad. Fortunately, there are some beauties like titmouse, goldfish and other messengers of the spring, coming and bring some joy. But mostly, I don't have the correct lens on my camera of course, and they will snap before I can make a picture of them. But once, I was quick and they were hungry. So :-)

 And then the Titmouse - the boss - came and called them off. Probably to some other yummy ball, cheering someone else. Well, they are so busy at this time, these little beauties.

All that gray and cold don't delay just writing a blog, but also working on news, taking care of the home and own beauty :-), because you can wear nothing other than a jacket so long, to cover the kidneys (I am getting old, I guess :-) ), several layers of clothing, boots that do not slip and a hat. No matter, you look so funny and strange wearing all that stuff. I am really wondering how could someone look so elegant and cool in the winter!? 

And there is the reality here - they are Easter, and I have not made any new and
my blog is sad and lonely again. Even my bunny Eda was wondering if I will write a note here :-)

 Crochet bunny Eda by VendulkaM

I'm just a summer - sunshine type. I was born in the hot summer day, surrounded by the smell of lime and I think, that something is going to be about it. I am so fragile and broken in the winter. What about you, does the winter suits you?

OK, I just realized, that I have to rewrite THAT list!

Being an optimist seems to be so good when it comes to you, that the overpaying optimistic people are not as happy at the end. Okay, I'll overwrite that list, but this time, the optimism will be on the half of mine expectation. Let's see if it will work :-)

In the meantime, enjoy the Easter, my dears ♥

See you next time,
Always your, real spring impatiently expecting, Vendulka :-)

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2 komentářů

  1. Vendula,
    Where do you live? I saw it somewhere before but can't find it today. Your Titmouse is so beautiful, not like our Titmouse in the US. Ours is gray tone. Ours is a beautiful bird, but not colorful like yours. Your blog today was lovely.

    1. Hi, Noras granddaugther - tell me your name, please :-)
      Thank you very much for your comments. I am happy, you enjoyed the little time with me :-) I live in the Czech Republic, in the small country in the middle of Europe :-) Oh, that you. We have a lot of different species - I made some picture during past month, but you know, there were no mood to share them. But I will share them for you :-) And we have many differnet kind of small birds infront of our window like Sitta europaea, Parus major, Fringilla coelebs, Chloris chloris, Carduelis carduelis, Blackbirds of course. Unfortunatelly, I didn't make the picture of all of them, but I have some:-) Now in the spring - it is like outdoor concert. I love to hear them singing :-) Send you many greetings :-)


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