First Post in 2018

By Vendulka - January 18, 2018

Hi my dears,
how are you in new year? I hope, that very well ! :-)
The new year started already, full of awaiting, resolutions, little fear maybe? But we have to be brave and fight with all what comes, right? :-) So I wish you again, you will be brave and live with the passion in love in your heart to others and to yourselves also ♥

As every January, I opened my diary and I am a little bit nostalgic :-) This year I opened wonderful Happy Planner I get from my beloved friend Katka. Thank you so much!

What an great rubbers!

Speaking about the gifts. My new year started by the second Christmas :-) I get wonderful gifts from my friends Josie and Katka and Sarka. Thank you so so so much ♥ I was so surprised and moved and felt soooo spoiled. You are amazing, giiiiirls ♥ ♥ ♥

I will not be boasting so much, but I have to share with you my happiness, because only knitters or crocheters will understand.

From my Josie from Holland

So many yummies and yaaaarn! ♥ Did you ever tried Holland bisquits? OMG! 
Josie also crochet lovely items, so if you would like to visit her shop, click HERE

My personal heaven - welcome in!

And the next day ... from my dearest Katka

Natural lines :-)

Colorful line :-)

And something for joy from Sarka :-)

Thank you very much, my dear girls again ♥. You made a smile on my face and brought the happiness in my heart! I promise, that I will try to design something beautiful using these treasures. I am grateful for the friends I have. Thanks crocheting I knew so many amazing souls. And I am so thankful for them. This is blessing! 

So with the courage and open heart to the next year, my dears ♥

Crochet patchwork heart pattern

. . . . . . . Thank you for reading . . . . . . .

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