Arm knitting

By Vendulka - December 27, 2017

Hi, my dears, 
are you trying new materials and new techniques in your work? Last year - there were puffs, well - I like them very much, they are really cool, but personally, for me, it is exhausting for my hands to work with t-shirt yarn, I only make the small baskets. And this year there is a  new trend - the huge blankets made from width yarn and arm knitting. 

My sister wanted the blanket/cover to the baby carriage for her new baby, so I decided, that I will try, what everybody sees on it :-)  I bought the yarn on E-bay. There are a lot of sellers who offer it. 

I bought 100% acrylic yarn, but lately, I noticed that they are also using 100% Merino Wool yarn, or the mixture of the wool and cashmere etc. Maybe next time I would buy Merino yarn or that mixture with cashmere to compare it. 

Anyway, as the cover, I think that acrylic yarn would be OK.

I was looking for some tutorial and this came to me accidentally, but I was very satisfied with it :-) You could take a look HERE. Thank you, Paty! No need to know any foreign language, you will see pretty clearly, what you have to do. 

My sweet honey supervisor with me again ♥

It was really funny and quick project. I really recommend it for beginners!

The dimension of the blanket I made was about 60 cm width and 80 cm long and I used about 720 g of yarn. Well, it was my first touch with this type of yarn and I am pretty sure, that not the last. 

Did you already try this yarn and this type of arm knitting? Just write me your notes and reflections :-) I would like to make the bigger blankets for my girls, useful notes would be perfect :-).

. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . 

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