KnitCrate - my first impression - August kit review

By Vendulka - September 08, 2017

Hi my dears,

how are you? It is getting cold in our country and it is the right time for making something smooth and warm. And it was like Knitcrate reads my thoughts :-) It is a company, who is the original yarn subscription offered surprise knitting and crocheted projects, curated yarn, and extra goodies to fiber artists worldwide. It sounds great, right? Every month they have a new crate for making some new beauty creation. 

Today, I get my first package from KnitCrate. I was really surprised, it took only 8 days it came from Florida to the Czech Republic - to my home. Writing about Florida, I can't skip it. Today the Hurricane Irma hit there so massively. I am so sorry for the families, who lost their homes and the people, who lost their lives. It is so sad. You are in my prayers, my dear friends from Florida. Be strong and be safe! ♥

So, I get the package from KnitCrate - my first one. I get really wonderful yarn, patterns, small cute gift and some cards and I am really excited to share my first impression with you.

When I opened the package, I saw this beauty :-)

It is Sugarbush yarns named Chill in the wonderful shade: 1022 Lazuli. I looked at their website and found, that they have 35 shades of this beautiful super bulky 100% extra fine superwash merino. There are 3 balls of  this super soft yarn, total weight 300 g, Wow.

It looks gorgeous. I like it so much for the first look! 
So smooth and chunky :-)

" Designed in Canada, where we turn the cold in cool "
Ooooh, this is really cool :-)

What another stuff I found in my package? Well, let's see.

This August crate is called Vintage and it contains:

• 3 balls of super cute super bulky Sugar Bush Yarns
• Two patterns from Katya Novikova 
• Cute extras by Charlie and Crew
All in retail value 57.85 USD, but the subscribers have much more better prices for the kits!

The patterns look very nice - two cowls. One pattern suitable for beginners and one for advanced crocheter. They are not included in the package, they are in digital form. You will get a link so you could download the patterns. But for me, it is absolutely OK. I like the digital patterns. And I get a bonus code 10% Off for Katya's patterns. That's great. 

Some words to Extras. Lovely bookmark "Unravel". I like it very much! This is really nice. It looks so gently. I get a bonus code for 25% Off in Charlie and Crew's shop on Etsy also :-)

It is a lovely bookmark Charlie, thank you. But there is no time for reading now.
New yarn is in the house !:-)

And other special cards in the package.

Ok, that sounds great, the chance to win 50 USD gift card :-)  I will take a chance! Something on my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter also. A little spamming. Stay in touch :-)
I tried first rows and it is great. I am working on new pattern, but I had to try it :-)
This time, my crochet hook will be jealous...

I am so excited to I will show you the finished item. Something new is in my mind :-)
And I like the idea of KnitCrate's 2017 Charity. 
That is great. I will take part for sure. 

Well, it is my first experience with KnitCrate and I have to tell you, that  very positive :-) Maybe, you know them and maybe not, maybe you would like to become a member of KnitCrate family and get every month package of beautiful yarn and patterns and extras :-) If yes, please click on this link: and choose from the months' Knit Crate, or a selection of other crates (Knitting or Crochet, for Beginners or Advanced, different value packages etc.) that you can order by the month (a one-time purchase), 3-months, or even a full years subscription. I need to say, that it is an affiliate link, so if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through this link, I will get some small commission. My regular readers and my friends know me, I recommend only, what I like :-)


I will wait for my September kit so impatiently :-) KnitsCrate gives me a special code for you, my dear friends. And using this unique code MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. I will make a review of September kit too. So yes, regularly month review in the future. The school began already, so I will have more time for my blog and design some new patterns again. I miss it so so so much.

Thank you for reading, my dears :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ♥ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. Your review was really interesting,i loved your blog post.I have always loved reading review's. The product looks really good,i am definitely going to refer this kit to some of my friends who loves to knit.After reading your review, i am inspired to try knitting.


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