How Pinterest saved me - again :-)

By Vendulka - September 11, 2017

Hi my dears,
on Friday we took the girls to the training. They are majorettes, I don't know if I wrote about in the past. The training is really intensively, three times of the week in different days and times of both girls before the competition starts, then it will be a little bit more intensively. So yes - a little bit rush. But it is OK, they love it and it is most important for us :-)

Anyway, my little fairy was invited to the Birthday's party, Yeah! And because the first week of the school and training and work etc. and the absence of the time :-), we wanted to buy the present for her friend on Friday after the training.  But when we left the training hall, suddenly a cloud of steam appeared all around us and our car was broken. Yes. And we had absolutely different thoughts and forget to buy something. We bought little something before, but it was not enough, you know.

And Birthday party was the next day :-) And at the evening I totally forget it. On Saturday, after the lunch - my little fairy said - oh, mommy, I am looking so much for the party! Oh my, I forget it again. So I searched for some crocheted gift, we could give her, unfortunately - nothing finished. And, the Birthday's girl is long hair, beautiful little princess, so we decided to make a nice headband for her. And thanks to the Pinterest - we made it! Tralalalalalala :-) 

Thank you so much, for all creative people! 
And thank you for sharing your talent with the world ♥ 

So a little piece of the felt, plastic headband, glue gun, sewing needle and thread, scissors and some self-adhesive decorative stones. Lucky, we are the creative girls and have some supplies at home + 40 minutes including research and the headband was ready.

I followed this tutorial for the big flower
It was my first one and in hurry. So the next time I will make the stripes a little bit tight.

And this video tutorial for the beautiful felt daisy
I haven't white felt, so I used first I have next to me - the red. Well, why not?

Thank you very very very much for the inspiration again ♥
 I added some decorative stones, as you know - I like it colorful :-)

So, this little story had a nice end. After 40 minutes I made our Birthday's present. And I was really happy with the result. And it was really fun. I think, that it wasn't my first felt headband.

Anyway, our car is still broken. Wish us the luck, please.

P.S.: We are still watching the news about Hurricane Irma in Florida. You are in our thoughts and prayers! Be strong and be safe! ♥

Thank you for reading, my dears.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ♥ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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4 komentářů

  1. Gorgeous headband for a little princess. And compliments for you for making this beautiful gift. I am sorry to hear about your problems with your car.

    I wish you good luck, Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you for your message :-) I am very happy, the Birthday's girl loves it and she is wearing it to school and to the training :-) I am very happy about it. Thank you for your empathy with our car's issues. Well, it is in moving now, but only provisional, some big repair is in front of us. Well. I wish you lovely autumn days :-), Vendulka

  2. Bardzo ładna opaska z takim dużym kwiatem:)

    1. Hiiii, thank you very much. Yes, it is quiet big, but why not? :-) But next time, I will make it a little bit smaller :-) I wish you lovely day :-), Vendulka


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