By Vendulka - July 04, 2017

Hi my dears,

in our country the holiday begins - tralalalala :-) I love summer very much and you? It was, here again, the smell of the linden trees, sunshine and hot as everybody was complaining and my Birthday :-) Thank you very much for your lovely wishes again ♥

This summer we are going to visit the capital of our small country - the Prague, for the first time with our fairies. I think, that now when both are schoolgirls, it is a time to learn some history and get to know the capital :-) 

Before we had our fairies, we went to Prague every Spring. Our very first holiday was in Prague.  It is so long, we weren't there. I am so curious how it changes. I will take my camera with me and make some pictures :-) And I have to tell you once another thing, that this trip will be very special because one more thing. Thanks crocheting I met an amazing girl and we became true friends ♥ and after 6 years we will finally meet face to face, I am so looking forward to seeing her and her daughters so much :-)

So my dears, I wish you to have special, wonderful and unforgettable summer!

P.S. the strawberry time.... yummy :-)

Crochet strawberry purse by VendulkaM

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10 komentářů

  1. Absolutely lovely bag!
    If you are visiting Prague, why not Kraków? I am from Poland, so I recommend you visit my country :)

    1. Hiiii, thank you very much for the tip :-). Me and my hubby visited Krakow about 14 years ago, and we loved this beautiful town. For sure, we will take the girls to Krakow in future :-) too.
      Many greetins :-)

  2. Moooc se na vas tesime ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Summer is great and unforgettable. You strawberry bag is gorgeous.

    Have a nice summertime and vacation, Margaret

    1. Dear Margaret, thank youuu very much :-) I wish you nice summer too ♥ I hope, I will make some nice shoots of currect Praque :-).
      Many greetings :-)

  4. I love the bag, is there a pattern for it someplace?

    1. Hi, thank you very much :-) I am glad you like it :-) You could find the pattern here:


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