Crafting for and with children

By Vendulka - July 08, 2017

As you see from my last post, I am in holiday's mood, but I don't have to jump ahead. End of the school year was hectic but nice. The girls had so many activities and also we. So much wonderful memories. 

Two of them was my visit and teaching in the school. It was a great time! The cooperation with the school begun when my sweet Nelinka promised, that mommy will create something for the school :-). As you know, I created the bear - Sam. I tried to create not only a doll but the teaching aids. And the teacher and children loved it. Sam became inseparable part of the class - the true schoolmate. I am so happy for that! :-)

Months later our teacher asked me if I will craft something with children. You know I love to craft with children, we create from paper and felt. So, I said yes of course, and I became the teacher for a while :-). I was thinking about it very much, I didn't want to make anything difficult, I would like, they will enjoy the fun - no frustration. I wanted, to the children will touch and meet with a yarn.

So I searched the internet like crazy and then I found nice, easy, quick and summer project - the woven butterflies. Here is a link - thank you very much for this great tutorial :-) 

I asked the children in the class, how many moms can sew - and more than the half of the class put their hands up. Then I asked, and how many moms can knit or crochet - 2 hands up? I was really surprised. And it confirmed my purpose, to meet the children with a yarn.

And yes, the butterfly project was a great choice. It was quick and easy. The children were so handy and skillful. After an hour, there were 19 beautiful butterflies in the classroom. And the children, especially the boys were so happy, that they did it! And their smile - that was my Birthday's present ♥.

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  1. Compliments for all the children and for you.

    Have a nice day, Margaret


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