My personal Christmas challenge

November 30, 2016

OK, my little girl asked me to make for her а Christmas dress, appliqued by reindeer -  3 weeks before Christmas. She took a long speach and she was dreamily talking about, that she would like to wear that dress so much, and how it all will be beautiful day. She was dancing during that speach, my little fairy. She is on first degree at school, everything is new for her and every fest-day she is feeling it so deeply. Deadline is on December 16, that day is a little Christmas party at school.

You know, it is 3 weeks until Christmas, every mommy knows, that this is realy a busy time... so I wanted to say, that I don't have a time, but then I looked to her eyes, in my head still sound her speach, and you know - time is flying so fast - it is a blessing, that she would like to wear something from mommy's creation. So I said yes, of course :-)

I noticed there are some Christmas challenges flying through the internet - so this will be my own personal challenge... :-)

••• November 29
I finished a new pattern - tralalalala :-) and at midnight I begun with designing. I took me few hours, but finally I designed easy A-shape dress/tunic in green, red, brown. I choosed Lily sugar cotton for dress and Catania by SMC for an embellihsment. And I put my hook away and took the needle to my hands for now at least, I will need it later again for making the embellishment :-)

••• November 30 
After spent all day working, I am going to fill one special Christmas gift.
My sample square - the rectangle actualy :-) is finished, so I could begin. The light is not good, it is  a night already, but I hope, I will post some better pictures soon :-) 

P.S: I am still thinking, to add light ecru :-), well, let's see.

Please keep your fingers crossed, I will catch it :-) I will let you know about progress :-)

P.S.: today there is first snow outside our new home ♥

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11 komentářů

  1. You can do this mommy cause your heart is full of love for your little sweet one...

    1. Hi Sandie, thank you :-)... I just can't say no.. ♥

  2. It will be a very beautiful dress indeed! Can't wait to see it!

    1. Thank you for your comment Beth :-) Well I am doing easy dress. I made some progress - but until Sunday I have to end backside :-) I am doing only purl and knit - it goes quickly :-) Yesterday's progress today at my instagram, if you are intersted :-)

  3. Желаю удачи! И жду с нетерпением результат, очень хочется посмотреть)

    1. Thank youuuu, Elena :-) I will post the progress :-)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Cathy. I made small progress :-) Today's picture at my instagram :-)

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  6. Elizabeth Autumn Starr LillyJanuary 9, 2017 at 4:09 PM

    I would love to see the final product. I bet your little girl danced around so happily in her reindeer dress!

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