Dog appliqué

November 22, 2016

Woof :-) 

Crochet pattern - Bernese Mountain Dog by Vendula Maderska

Maybe you though, that I am a lazy giiiirl. Well, my dears, I am not. We are still in the moving and reconstructing mood, so my creating mood have to wait a little bit. But I am pretty sure, that in the meantime, something christmas is "cooking" in my kitchen :-)

Working on this desing bring me so many memmories on a real Bernese dog named Agil, the best friend of my honey prince. I still miss them so much ♥ 

Rhodesian ridgeback and Bernese Mountain dog

♥ ♥ ♥

The pattern is in my pattern store and ravelry again. 

Crochet pattern - Bernese Mountain Dog by Vendula Maderska

Writting about Christmas, are you looking forward on the Christmas? Well, I am :-) and soooooo much. I really hope, that we catch to do all important things in our new home.  Well, my dears, today just only a few words, I have to fly, but I will write soon again ♥

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