It is here again :-)

By Vendulka - January 02, 2016

Hi my dears, 
so it is here again. The new year begun! I hope, that you celebrated and started it well :-) As always, I am thinking of all past year and as always I am frustrated and angry on myself, that I didn't fill my goals - again! How is it possible??? Because I know, that I worked really hard and I have the feeling that I didn't stop all over year, that the time was flying through my fingers. Oh, I know it! I give to myself impossible goals! :-) As my hubby says: "Return back to the earth, from the flying with the unicorns". I never knew, what he is thinking with this sentence :-) Anyway this year, I promised to myself, that I will stop to give to myself all these impossible goals. I just would like feel peace in my heart and then ... I know, that then, everything will go better... 

And when I am thinking of past year, and the years before. I would like to thank you so much for your support again, my dears. You are my shinning stars ♥. Thank you so much for beeing with me, following me, thank you for your patience with me... And for this year, I would like to wish you, to you will have a great year, I wish you will have a peace in your hearts too! And I hope, that we will meet again, with some yarn and hook in your hands, also in mine :-) and that we make together something colorful, what lights up our days! I love you, my dears ♥

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