Linden trees are in blossom again....

By Vendulka - July 02, 2015

Hi my dears,
it is time of blossom of linden trees and it means - yeah I had a Birthday! :-) I would like to thank you very much for your nice wishes... All day I had strong headache and I was totally down and at the afternoon, my best friend came to wish me personally, and then we were on small walk, with all our girls - 4 little girls, one dogie girl, 2 big girls and my best friend's hubby :-D. And at the evening came my hubby from work finally and we (me, girls, my hubby, our honey girl) were together and my head stoped hurt me.... I had a lot of calls that day and at the evening read so many wonderful wishes to my Birthday from different corners of the world - and I realized that I am happy girl, I really felt loved .... thank you so much! ...(I am crying now... :-) )...

Eustomas - from my hubby :-)

Well - me and my girls played a little bit together and made Birthday cake - of course - Owl's cake :-).

Natalka, my darling, made the owl for me :-) ....

owl cake

owl cake

And I know, that I promised suprise for you. Well, with a little bit delayyyyy - but I am working on it intensively... Keep in touch :-)

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6 komentářů

  1. Milá Vendulko, jedním slovem krása...květiny...dort...vše.Krásný den sluncem zalitý...Věrka

  2. What a lovely birthday-cake! I know I am a bit late, but I wish you a wondeful year to come... up to the next birthday! Congratulations!

  3. Beautiful cake and lovely flowers! Happy Birthday to you!


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