Time for my little girls :-)

By Vendulka - June 01, 2014

Happpy Children's day! :-)

Do you know these words too? "Mommy, we would like new dresses for our dolls". Please, make some.... And now it starts - my new challenge. It is - Ok, it is more then twenty years ago I made some fashion for my dolls last time :-) And to tell the true - they looked very funny.. So I went to the library and borrow the book: How to see the Barbie's dress?  Ok, now I know the theory  and I am ready for work :-) I found wonderful tutorial for making Barbie's dress. By the way we have to dress the Sparkle girlz :-) My girls choosed the fabrics and they helped me, so we spent very nice time together. The dress are quite easy to make and looks so pretty. The tutorial is very well written. 

... and tadaaaaaaah ...
 My fairies are very happy of the result, so I am too :-)

Barbie dress

Barbie dress

Barbie dress

Barbie dress

Natalka is drawing new models right now :-)  

And I have to share something else. 
The roses in our garden - for very first time. I am very happy for that! 


Have a wonderul Children's day! :-)

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