New trousers for my little girl :-)

By Vendulka - October 02, 2013

crochet owl, tree, mushroom

As I promised in my last post - I was taken some pictures of my new project - new embellishment for my little girl's jeans. 

Are you amazed like your little babies are growing directly in front of your eyes as same as I am? Our sweet Natalka grew up 4 cm (1,6 inches) from spring so it was time to buy new trousers! This time we bought boys' jeans, because they were most comfortable for her - she don't like wearing skinny jeans, what is so cool now. I love watching the way she is thinking about her own clothes. And I promised that I will embellish it same way as I embellished the jeans for my goddaughter in past. Natalka loves owls as same as like her mommy :-) So I decided to embellish her new jeans using crochet appliques on woodland topic. I choosed owl - how else? :-) - then appliques of colorful tree and mushroom. I used my patterns (some of them are waiting for me to be finished), bright colors, but it had to be in harmony with yellow and red stitches on the jeans. She adores yellow color - so the owl is yellow! And another trousers is waiting for me. This time it will be for my goddaughter again and the task is: the cat. Ooooh - how I love my sweet girls - they are so inspirational :-)

One boys jeans + creativity + some time and here is an result:

owl, tree and mushroom appliqués

owl, tree and mushroom appliqués

Embellished girls jeans with owl, tree and mushroom appliqués :-)

crochet owl, tree and mushroom appliqués

Some pictures from process
crochet owl, tree and mushroom appliqués

crochet owl applique pattern

crochet mushroom applique pattern

crochet tree applique pattern

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8 komentářů

  1. oh, coooooool your little girl!

  2. So very nice, it makes me happy and your little girl too I'm sure!!

    1. Oh, thank you very much :-) I think, that yes, she is happy!:-)

  3. creative and beautiful!
    Your little girl is lucky with such a creative mam!


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