colors... always about the colors...

By Vendulka - April 04, 2013

I am still thinking about material I am using in my work...

But I have quiet a lot of requirements:
1) colors! :-) everything is about the colors :-)
2) pleasant
3) high quality
4) availability
5) and price finally of course...

Well I did my big personall yarns research and I found one new material....

Look at the colors.... WOW!:-) My heart is jumping :-)

I am so excited to make something bright from this yarn :-)

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8 komentářů

  1. Oh yes please Vendula!!! That yarn looks luscious. I cannot wait to see what wondrous creation you make from it....xx

    1. Dear Sharron, well I tryied something but I have to practice it again, to be satisfied :-)

  2. Hello Vendula, there are already a lot of Dutch crocheters fan of you and now I have found your blog too. Your style is really great! Love, Nicole from Holland.

    1. Hello Nicole,
      thank you very much for visiting my blog:-) In near future this blog become my new official site and I hope, we will stay in touch:-) Send you many greetings, Vendula

  3. Hello Vendula,
    A while ago I discovered your blog. I like your hooked creations very much, they are so much the style my granddaughter likes. I can't wait to see your next creations.
    Sunny greetings from Belgium, Viviane

    1. Dear Viviane,
      thank you very much for your kind works. I have two small girls, so I am just thinking about - what little fairies would love to wearing and what would to playing with:-) I just love it:-) Send you many greetings to Belgium :-)


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