All Soul´s Day - our way of celebrating of Halloween

By Vendulka - November 10, 2012

Two weeks ago I promised to tell you how we celebrate Halloween in our country. I didn´t forget..but I am still in fight with a time..

When I was small girl, we held the tradition in our family to go 2nd of November on cementaries, where all members of our family were "sleeping" and for me it was always very nice time. Because there were so many burning candles and flowers and all that old pictures on the gravestones remembering old times and I like to walking and seeing  it was so mysterious for me as a small girl.. This day is called the Feast all faithful deceased - but people is calling it All Soul´s Day.
Souls in Czech Republic, picture from  CTK

When I grown up I knew, that this tradition came from Celtic tradition. Celtic feast of Samhain celebrated the end of summer and the beginning of a new year, which was 1st November. On that day, according to the faith of the Celts penetrated world of living with next world. People burned the lights and candles to help dead souls to survive better phase adjustment. It isn´t so colorful and it isn't so funny as Halloween which is celebtared in America.
Halloween | picture from: ISIFA/Marie Claire Group

As you maybe know, I am mom of two little girls and we continue in family tradition and we are going on cementaries also to saying " Hello " to our close who can not be with us.. This year it was for first time we celebrated Halloween also a little bit. We were on evening Halloween walk in our ZOO. It was so nice..There were many carved pumpkins, which made a children all day. It was wondeful sunny weather that day. Children are walking with lanterns and it was really nice..My little one Nelinka was sad a little bit, because the the animals were sleeping already ;-)..

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  1. Vendulko, takhle krásné dýně jsem ještě neviděla, jsou překrásné!!!!!!!!!


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