My personall challenge: Small evening purse :)

By Vendulka - November 10, 2012

I would like to share with you my new experince:-) Friend of mine Katka, which is so nice person, asked me to I make for her little evening purse..ohhhh - I am honoured:-) it is really challenge for me. In past I made for her a brooch of Phoenix bird.. so I would like to fit it to this brooch and her wonderfull dress for a ball.

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Phoenix bird designed by Vendula Maderska
I will rise from the ashes …

… I have a beautiful life. I get to know and see so many wonderful things. But sometimes I see a lot of bad also and even if I cried all my tears of healing, it is not in my forces to help all, who need my help … I was blessed with a voice - so I am singing. I am singing to those who are not into singing. I am singing about love, desire, forgiveness…

… I had a beautiful and long life. I learned many wonderful things .. And even though I know that once everything is over, what will remain forever - is HOPE.

Hope that you can begin again and rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

I was looking for some yarn and I found special one called Pertinio by Coats  with golden threads and I like this color very much.. I am waitting to get another componets for making my little evening purse and I am really excited to make it! Please keep me your fingers.. :-)
Pertinio by Coats
Pertinio by Coats
...and in the yarns shop I found one very interesting yarn  - natural hand-spun silk called Fatima by Vlnika 
I could not resist and bought one ball ;-), even it is quiet expensive...Don´t tell it to my hubby ;-)

Fatima by Vlnika

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