THAT day..

By Vendulka - October 29, 2012

I really love THAT day, when is needed to change the time because the autumn is comming and I have one more hour this day:-).... I am full of energy that day, always. I have the feeling , that I will have a time and make all my rests finally. I never do not succeed, of course :-) but always I belive in it...:-)

THAT day was yesterday and brought first snowflakes outside our windows. And I found out, that I have to make a winter hat for my little one Natynka... I was thinking, that I will make so much work... but... I wasn't succesful this time - I didn´t finished nothing - my hook didn´t cooperate with me and this (that) day wasn't my day this time...I started to make her hat maybe 5 times - but..... still it was not that I would like to have. 

My little Natynka saw how I am sad about it and she made a picture for me:-) and I was so happy...I have this picture on my table, direct in front of my eyes and always when I am looking on it and I'm smilling. I have finished a hat for Natynka already and I like it very much:-) I am so excited how she will like it - she choosed the colors. I will take a picture soon..

And I know, that everyday could be THAT day, when you have someone who makes you happy:-)

From my five years old love Natynka 

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4 komentářů

  1. Hello Vendy,
    what a happy picture :) I just wanted to say hello, I like your crochet creations very much and today I wrote about them on my blog
    Have a wonderful Halloween( I love the Morticia doll ), cheers, Monika

    1. Dear Monika, thank you very much:-) It is so nice of you:-) I visited your blog and you have new fan:-)
      Many greetings, Vendy

  2. What a lovely picture from your daughter, she is quite the artist!

    1. Oh, thank you very much, Mary :-) Yes I am thinking that she has talent and I am very happy about it. We are often talking together about the colors and my news and we love that time with discussing about colors and buttons and all these things :)


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