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October 05, 2012

I made for my little goddaughter some presents:-)

I made for the patchwork hat with a horse applique on the side - because she love horses. I used my pattern on horse applique

Her mummy pleased to me to I could embellished jeans of my little goddaughter - as I made last time. Well - I said - I do - of course:-)) and I decided to use my other pattern - sweet crochet ladybug applique 

It was nice but easy jeans for toddler.

And I sew the ladybug applique

Use basic embroidery stitches and japanese Toho beads - cubes and tiny buttons

On the backside I sew the ribbon

I want to embellished the jeans only a little bit.... and here is an result:-)

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3 komentářů

  1. Love your blog and that you share your creativity...

  2. Hello!!!! I just made the flower cardigan for my girl, and she loves it!!!!... Thanks for your pattern

    Now I would like to know if you have the patter of the hat that appears in this page (black, pink and white) here or on your Etsy store...

    Regards from México


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