Spring, where are you ?

By Vendulka - March 21, 2021

Hi, my dears,

Sunday is here and it means and there is also a new post. :-) What was your weekend like? Today it is the first day of Spring, but the weather doesn't want to accept it, I guess :-). Today it was -2°C outside and it was snowing. It is unbelievable, that Easter is around the corner. I clearly remember the last one. It was quite a rush year. I have a new job (about it sometimes in the future), we have a new doggie ♥, our girls are almost all year at home and I'm starting to realize that this weird situation won't return to normal as quickly as I thought. It's weird how hope works. I think that it occurred to me just today. Everything has changed. I can only hope that the isolation, the loss of hobbies and friends will not leave much damage to our fairies. I try to look at it positively, but I really think it's time to come up with a plan. That it is no longer enough to believe and wait. Well, the philosophical corner is behind us. :-) Even before that big planning, I'll stop for a moment in my little colorful, cheerful world, because here I feel happy and safe... ♥

Speaking about my colorful world. Recently Charlie from www.rangedblogs.com wrote me, that my blog Magic with hook and needles was nominated among TOP 95 best crochet blogs. I was very happy, but also a little bit ashamed, because I realized, that I am not so active, as I used to be. And I also realized that I miss it so terribly much. This little blog is not only my creative diary but a summarization of my last 9 years. ♥

Anyway, if you would like to give me your voice - I would be very happy ♥

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