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By Vendulka - March 21, 2020

Hi, my dears,

how are you? Well, when I was thinking, what the new year will be, I really didn't imagine that the year 2020 will be full of fear, worries, and uncertainty. But also full of solidarity and kindness. Everyone who has a sewing machine is sewing the face masks for others because they aren't available to buy in the shops. 

I, as a patient with chronic autoimmunity disease, pecking up the immunosuppressants and other "treats", I do not want to admit, that I am in danger. But the truth is, that I can't listen to the news anymore. My heart is still beating as a race, so I thought I just had to try not to panic so much and try to calm myself. I'll try to stop worrying so much about our whole family and our friends. I believe I'm not alone in this and maybe this short article will help someone to realize that he's not alone in it either!

So I, as same as many other people in our small country, have pulled out my sewing machine. and I played with the colors again. I just changed the yarn for the fabric. I am in the little fight with the bottom thread, and I find that sew the mask is not as funny as it looks. I am sewing the protective masks for our family, friends, and their families. Perhaps colorful masks, decorated with polka dots, and flowers will serve them well. Yes, polka dots and flowers  what other fabrics would you expect from me? :-)

I found some nice and easy tutorials for sewing masks and making the patterns.

So if you would like to sew some masks for your family or as a volunteer, I really recommend these tutorials. Many thanks to all authors of these tutorials, so others can help also. A little advice – use 100% cotton fabric and if you will sew the masks for the hospitals, use the cotton threads, so the masks could be sterilized properly. 

And I can help myself and I am thinking about this coronavirus situation means for us. I don't want to think of the bad things. The sun is shining outside and I want to look at the situation positively. The first thing, that I have on my mind is, that families are together. And that's beautiful. I'm happy, that our family is together. I will not pretend, that this is a challenge and that everything goes smoothly. But I truly believe after this situation ends, that we will come out stronger as a people and as a family.

Yeah, and I also opened the list of WIPS I'd like to finish. Thanks to the home office I have more than 2 hours a day, which I spend on public transport on the way to/from work. So it would be a hell of me not to use that time to make something cheerful and colorful crochet. 

Maybe I could do progress with my dress, I am working on more a year. So yes, I'll try to look at it positively. I already have done a spring cleaning of the kitchen :-), and the dress is slowly (yes, very slowly) starting to take a shape. But the masks first... 

Last but not least. Stay healthy in these hard times! ♥

With love, Vendulka

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  1. so great to see that not only 'bad virus' is around, but a good virus of kindness and solidarity is between us as well!
    thank you for links to tutorials - I will use them and share.
    Take care and keep healthy,


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