Crochet dress challenge

By Vendulka - May 26, 2019

Hi my dears,
how are you? 

I would like to share with you my newest project. A week ago I started my personal challenge. I would like to crochet granny square dress - it will be the Birthday present for myself from me :-)
I never made crochet dress in adult size and I never made a dress for myself also - it will be my premiere. Sooo, today it is a day 7 of my challenge, so I decided to share my progress on my blog also of course :-)

I was thinking about making this dress for years and I also was searching for the right material for years. I thought, that I will use my favorite Catania, but finally, I choose a wonderful material - a mixture of Viscose and Elastane, the Czech production, which recommend me one of our famous designer of knitted and crochet fashion Dana Vrbova. Anyway, she made wonderful models. Take a look on her Insta :-)

After a long time, I took my 2,5 mm hook. 

And this is the progress of my personal challenge - day 7 :-)

crochet dress in process

crochet dress in process

crochet dress in process

crochet dress by VendulkaM

Do you have also some crochet challenge? And did you fulfilled it? What motivates you to try something new or something big or hard? :-)  Do you have some schedule? I am not good to keep the challenge, what set for myself, but this one I would really do. This one would be the breakpoint :-) 

Thank you very much for reading, my dears ♥

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  1. What beautiful squares Have you made your dress yet? It will be lovely and I would like to see it.---Freda


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