Yes, I am still here :-)

By Vendulka - April 19, 2019

Hi, my dears,
how are you?
It looks like I was disappeared, don't be worry, I am still here :-)
But for all worries and work, I almost forget to share the beauty. I missed it so much and I missed you so much too, my dears.

Crochet sheep by Vendula Maderska

It is a year ago when my heart was broken by tragically passing away of my dad. To tell you the truth, I am still not all right. My father always wanted to see me strong and smiling. Well, I don't know if I didn't fail, I guess, that yes. But I am really trying to be a strong girl :-).

Maybe you are wondering what I was doing all this time? Well - I started a second full-time job. You know, I understand, that we are living in the digital age, I love sharing, but among sharing and stealing there is a thin border. All these groups and sites, where are all that digital stuff, like I don't know - like my patterns - shared for free, thousands of the downloads for free, or for someone else profit, and you have no power to stop forced me to quit or almost quit with the work I admire most of all. I was so sad and still, I am. You can't fight these windmills forever, at least I can't. For ten years I am trying to inspire others, to create something fresh and cool, to share the light and I still love it. I still love my colorful world, where I feel safe, I love my loyal friends and followers, and I am still trying to share the inspiration and the light  ♥, but I am really tired from the stealing of my art, patterns and my spirit. It will take some time, to both my jobs will get used to each other, or one totally destroys the other. Well, I will see. 

Anyway, now we have 4 days off because it is an Easter, yeah! Sooooo I took advantage and wrote you some letters. And my Knitcrate came, yes, so you can read some new review if you wish :-)


So my dears, I have some new chicken on my table and I am going to crochet. 
Enjoy your Easter :-)

Thank you for reading ♥

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2 komentářů

  1. It is sad to miss your dad. He did a great job letting you grown to the wonderful woman you are now.
    But listen to him when you hear him your head. He wants you to be happy and strong. That is the best way to honour him. Talking about all the special things of your dad keeps him alive for all his relatives.

    It is terrible that so many people steal patterns of you and of other designers. For me that was the reason to stop my business. Please don't do the same as I did. Designing and making people happy with your work is so satisfying.

    I wish you and your family a happy easter, Margaret

    1. Dear Margaret, thank you very much for your words full of support ♥ My dad was very complicated person, but you know - it was my dad. And I just need to accept all, what is about ♥
      I am so sorry, you stopped your business. I was writing to many designers, we know each other for years, respect each other - don't steal the ideas from each other and they wrote to me, that they are crying all nights too :-(... It is strange, that people would not steal in the store, but they didn't accept, that if they share our patterns for free, that they are stealing at this moment. It is like the work of one person is not enough as the work of another person. And they are not realized, that with that acting are destroying something or someone, who they like and love. Well, my currect work is not the most ideal, but I am the fighter, small and blondie, but I am :-). I miss my art so much. I will try to hold it as long as possible, but you know.. ♥