Patchwork pumpkin

By Vendulka - October 13, 2018

Hi, my dears,
as you know - I love the patchwork :-) 

Maybe one day, I will be so skilfull to make some sewing patchwork projects. 
But until then, I will crochet them :-)

I know, that I promised you the Gently love bag pattern update. Believe me or not, I need to read it just only once again, it is so close it is from updating. But do you know what? I can't. It is so strange to explain it, but I am stuck. Do you know it, to be almost at the end, you need to make only one last step, but you can? So maybe it is, what the procrastination looks like? I don't know. But I will break it, I promise ♥

Meanwhile, you could crochet some patchwork autumn decoration, what do you think? :-)

I would like to let you know, that the Patchwork pumpkin pattern is ready in the stores.
You can buy it through my shops at Etsy or Ravelry 

And if you would like to buy the whole crochet kit. Click HERE, please :-)

Last weekend I made a very nice project and now please sit, I recorded the video tutorial :-) Yes! But this week was so busy, I hadn't time to edit it etc. I hope, I will do it this week. Anyway, it will be a new free pattern for you :-) 

A wish you to spent a nice autumn time, my dears :-) I will write soon!

. . . . .  ♥ . . . . .

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