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By Vendulka - November 13, 2017

Hi my dears, 
how are you? 
I was not even enough to enjoy the beauty of colored autumn and now I feel that the winter is coming. It is in the air. I guess this year, it will be the strong one. Maybe we'll have to dress properly :-)

Deer crochet hat pattern by Vendula Maderska

I used new yarn and the third hat is on my hook :-), I used hook 6mm width. It was smooth wooooork. The pattern will be very soon if you are interested in. 

What is on your hook, my dears? And do you know, that I arrange the facebook group named VendulkaM designs through your hooks and needles ♥ - I know, the longest name ever :-), but I didn't figure any other. Any suggestions? :-) where you could share the pictures of your work came out of my patterns :-)

Here it isssss:

VendulkaM patterns

I know, the title picture is in the Autumn mood, but I will change it soon :-)

 I am working on orders, I promised, some gifts and some news. I could reveal, that they will be in Christmas mood :-)  Are you looking for the Christmas? I aaaaaam ♥

I will write soon, I just stopped to say Hi ♥

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  1. amazing collection with awesome patterns, i am really impressed from your gallery i have visited, thank you so much for sharing such an precious collection,keep it up.


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