Black suits

February 28, 2017

Hi my dears, it is the end of February, the ball season. And who suits the black suits most of all?  To the penguin, of course :-) So I made one.

crochet penguin pattern by Vendulka Maderska

And because I think, that it is always a better to have a friend, I made the another one :-) 

crochet penguin pattern by Vendulka Maderska

The pattern is ready in my patterns store 

And my next post will be in Spring mood. Because I really miss the colors :-)

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7 komentářů

  1. What a creation ... Thank you very much for presenting your work here. It is really good to see.

  2. Adorable. They both look very smart :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you very much :-) I wish you lovely day! Vendula

  3. Hi admin
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    Best Regards


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