By Vendulka - January 23, 2017

Hi my dear,
it is not so long I wished you all best in New Year and now the January is almost over. Do you have some New Year's resolution?

Happy planning with Happy planner

Well, this year, I didn't make any. I just write down my goals, because I really feel, I need to be me more organized :-) From my so nice friend Katka ♥, I get the Happy planner - OMG - my own one! And I love it! This is, oh so lovely! There is nothing like this in our market. And first days, I only watched it and I didn't write a note... I was scared, that I will damage it because it was soooo nice! :-) OK, I admit, I am a little bit crazy girl :-), but finally I am over it and I love to write there my notes, and it is like a creative diary, and I have my another "day by day planner" - because, in my Happy Planner, there wasn't enough space for my daily duties. But I love it anyway :-D. I am playing with washi tapes and colors and trying new handwriting. This is great for summarizing of ideas and for relaxing. But for sure, I bought rubber's pen, this planner is too much nice, to be crossed out :-)

So my dears, I wish you will be well organized as well as me. Haha, just kidding :-). I really would like to be. And I am curious, how about you, are you organized or confused? How to live the life smoothly? I am curious on your tips.

But I just wish you, to you will succeed with your goals and New Year's resolutions, to you stay consistent and patient and did not give up, right! I know, it is not easy, but I believe in you!  ♥ 

At the end of the year, as always, I was recapitulated last year. It was the strange year for me, but to be honest - many great thigs happened too. Finally, we are moved - after so many years and we could begin to live the new capture of our lives and even it is still difficult we are enjoying it together and with love, and this is so important for me. So I told to myself, that this year would be great and the same I wish to you too ♥

I made a small collection of some designs and creations I made last year. I recommend to make it to all, who are creating something because sometimes, you could have the feeling, that you are not so hardworking and efficient, not good enough etc. - it is strange, this game with social media's world - if you know, what I mean. And when you make this summary, your mind will calm down and you could see, that all is OK. Well, it works for me at least :-) So if you would like to take a look at that summary, please click here.

vendulkam crocheting


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4 komentářů

  1. To je nadhera, Vendulko. Mas byt na co pysna. Je to krasna prace ♥♥♥

  2. When I saw this post I asked my friends from handmadewritings to present me the same notebook. I was so happy when I got it. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. What lovely words! I`m impressed! They are so warm, honest and hearty! It seems to be from love story! I like your writing style. Good luck to you!


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