Spring enthusiasm

By Vendulka - April 11, 2016

Hi my dears,

how are you and how are you enjoying the Spring? I am fascinated by the colors and twittering of the birds. I love it! As always I am full of enthusiasm and I have so many energy to new work, to doing exercise regularly, cooking healthier way, and finally we should moving to new home - we are waiting for it so many years - you know, that now new life begins finally :-D. And I promised, that I will post colorful hoodie pattern and I wanted to post some news also. So many plans :-)

vendula maderska

vendula maderska

So I sat down, and as a clever quotes advise, I wrote nice list with the plan and goals, in colors, you know :-). And I don't know, but this don't work for me - always, when I wrote it, it is like - I am listening the God, launghing in his sleeve and saying: the challenge accepted! I guess, he is launghts aloud this time :-).... Because after I wrote my wonderful to-do list, first - my girls where ill over the month. I think, I can't explain to any mommy, how exhausting it is, when the children are ill and when it looks all good, then I get a flu - in April :-) I really don't remember when I had real nasty flu last time, but this, this was something. My hubby had to quit the job for a while and took care of us. It was a big challenge for him also... you know the household, cooking, girls, our honey, ill me :-), but he did great job! Today I am first day on my feets, well feets, actually I am rather sitting, because I am really weak, I can't hold my hook, my fingers and hands don't cooperate with me. But I would like to write to you few words, let you to know, that I am not working on it, but when I will be stronger, I will dust off my to-do list and will continue :-)

So my dears, I wish you to enjoy this wonderful Springtime without any flu and other similiar merrymaking :-)


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9 komentářů

  1. You are in good hands; take care of yourself and get 100% better soon :-)



  2. I hope you are fully recovered soon! My 2 little ones and I have also been taking turns with a horrible virus this year - here's hoping Spring will bring better and healthier days for all of us!

  3. I feel pretty enthusiastic as well this spring. My diet goes well, I redecorate my entire house and spring break is coming. I celebrate Easter in a couple of weeks, orthodox Easter that is. I am not orthodox but the majority of Romanians are so we just celebrate it together. :)

    I am sorry you had been ill. I am glad you are well and creative again. Your little girl is adorable! <3

  4. Hello!! I love to see a pattern in your shop of this beautiful coaster you post here?? I love that beautiful flower :))

  5. I am very keen also this specific planting season. Our diet regime moves effectively, My spouse and i decorate our total property along with planting season separate can be returning. My spouse and i observe Easter throughout two weeks, orthodox Easter that may be.

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