Little duck appliqué

By Vendulka - August 04, 2015

Hi my dears,
I was going through my work and I just saw, that I have some rests. So before I write the post about my blue summer I promised you in my last post :-), I have to work on some rests.  One of my spring project was little duck appliqué. 

Crochet Little duck appliqué pattern

And finally I wrote the pattern :-) If you like it and would you like make this sweet little duck appliqué - the pattern is ready in my patterns store. I think, it coud be really cute on some baby blanket.

Crochet Little duck appliqué pattern

Crochet Little duck appliqué pattern

I used this sweet appliqué for one autumn hat. I used same material (Baby Merino by Drops) for an appliqué and hat - I was curious, how it will looks like - or maybe I was lazy to find Catania - I can not remember exactly now :-), anyway I made some changes in the pattern, but from my point of views, it looks nice too. 

Crochet Little duck appliqué pattern

Crochet Little duck appliqué pattern

Crochet duck appliqué pattern

Thank you for reading, my dears :-)


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12 komentářů

  1. Hi ,
    It's absolutely priceless
    Love it :D
    Sonja xo

  2. Your daughter is looking happy wearing her new beanie with this cute little duck.

    Have a great day, Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, yes she loved to wearing the hats :-) But I think, that this year, she would like to weare something more girly then for babies I think. She celebrated 8 years Birthday yesterday, she is getting little lady slowly :-)...

  3. I love the beanie and the duck :-)

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