My June Challenge

By Vendulka - June 03, 2015

Hi my dears,
do you know that situation, that you have plenty projects in process, than you don't know, what you should finish first? ... Well, there I am now - lost - in my unfinished projects and plans. I really need to move on.

So I wrote it down on the paper. My list for the June! My personal challenge.

Vendulkam crochet

My hubby told me, that we should move to new home finally at the end of the June/beginning of July. I don't know, how much it is real or how much he believes, that it is real ? .... You know I am living with an Aquarius for sixteen years, my life is full of his dreams :-).. But in case, that it will be the truth, I have to be ready for it, then will be no time for my hooks again. Need to take all my courage and make everything I promised / planned. I will let you know, how successful was I :-)

And what about you - do you have same mess in your projects as I ? Or do you have better morals and create one little piece to the end and after then another? ... :-)


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4 komentářů

  1. Good luck!! I know my hubby is an Aquarius once and a while take a deep breath!

    1. :-D... oh, I understand you, Viviane, so much !:-) But - what will be the our life without the dreamers...? ♥

  2. At my house I have sometimes almost the same problem without moving to a new house. Good luck without all your activities and projects.

    Have a great day, Margaret

    1. :-) well - i think, that creative people have similiar problems with the list of work :-)... Thank you very much, Margaret. Send you many greetings :-)


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