By Vendulka - December 21, 2014

Hi my dears, 
my small reflection - this Christmas should be special, we should be in our new home, upcoming Christmas should be in the air and all should be just different. In one of my older posts I wrote, that my plans never works... Yes, this is still true. We are living in the same place and upcoming Christmas are visible only in the diary - but the moments of latest weeks remind me again and that the most important things are invisible.  Last weeks were really difficult for me - But - my beloved hubby is home from hospital, all our plans were changed, but one most important thing didn't  - that we all are together. And I was convinced again that I have true friends in my life. This will be wonderful Christmas, totally different what I expected, but ..... 

I wish you wonderful Christmas time too, my dears! 

Christmas wreath

P.S. Today we finally hanged out our Christmas wreath. My girls are happy! I crochet it in the breaks between waiting for the tram or bus from-to school, kindergarten, home and hospital...

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10 komentářů

  1. Очень стильно и красиво!

  2. Hope that you have good days all together! Hope your husband is getting well soon! I wish you everything good for next year!! Dorien

  3. Vendulko, obdivuji Vaše krásné nápadité výrobky. Pokaždé se těším na nové. Přeju krásné vánoce a do nového roku spoustu zdraví, elánu a nápadů.
    Hana Soukupová

  4. Вендулка, Merry Christmas!
    Желаю, чтобы всё у вас в семье было всегда хорошо!

  5. Merry Christmas! All the best to you and your family! Looking forward to new fantastic designs next year.

  6. Be happy and many blessings your way.......thank you.All is well when we are surrounded with love.

  7. Merry Christmas! And the best wishes for you and your family. Hope everything will be all right for you!
    Love, Monique

  8. My dear girls, thank you very much for your beuatiful messages and wishes. Thank you very very very much! See you in next year - ups, in this new year :-)


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