Friday's muffins with chocolate

By Vendulka - November 01, 2013

Muffins with chocolate

I think I am better crocheter then baker. During crocheting I am fell free and soooo good. It is so natural activity for me :-) During baking I am usualy quite nervous. But despite it time to time I have to and I love to bake some sweets for my little candies :-) This time: Muffins with chocolate! Well I made some changes in the recipe. I added some apples and instead white chocolate I added the cream. Nothing for my diet  - hihi - but yes - it was yummy :-)

Muffins with chocolate
before baking

Muffins with chocolate
after baking

And now I will take a hook again and I am going to make some owls, I promised already. 
This is really nice evening :-) Have a nice evening too!

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