Autumn owls' colors study - part I

By Vendulka - September 21, 2013

Hi there, I was quite quiet, don't you think? Yes I was, because I was very busy, with no time for writting a blog and crocheting as well. I am still busy, but I miss my beloved activities very much, so now the quiet is over! I miss a summer as well, the autumn is definitely coming - so I decided to make an autumn time a little bit nicer for me. I was thinking about autumn colors and created new collection. I smuggled rapsberry color there LOL - although the end of the summer is, we still have raspberries on our garden. So I could use raspberry color in autumn collection with permission of the nature :-)

So here it is - my new Autumn collection - part I 

Owl coaster

Crochet owl coaster pattern

Among my beloved things belong crocheting, coffee and owls and when I join everything together then crochet owl coaster arises :-) 

Crochet owl coaster pattern

Crochet owl pattern

Owl hanging ornament

Crochet owl ornament pattern

Crochet owl ornament pattern

Crochet owl ornament pattern

The patterns for crochet owl coaster and crochet owl ornament are already ready :-)

.... last picture of our raspberries

Are you curious on Autumn color's study part II? It will come soon ..

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