Knock, knock - the Christmas are almost at the door

By Vendulka - December 19, 2012

Hi :-),

I am as scratched gramophone record, but I have to tell again - that I am still working on Christmas custom orders. I really hope, that I will be finished on Friday and then I would like to make something special for my girls.. but - they are clever:-) and I have to make something from mummy but it should looks like from Ježišek ( in our country gives the presents Ježišek not Santa ;-) ) 

I was looking for some pictures in my old, full computer and during that I made a little look to bags and purses I designed this year :) 

I have special surprise for you also....:-)  hmmmmmmmmmm - be patient ...

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  1. Replies
    1. Katuško, samozřejmě, že nestihla....;-) Jsi moc hodná, že na mně myslíš - děkuji:-) Užijte si s rodinkou krásné vánoce:-)

  2. Gosto muito dos seus crochets. São muito coloridos e divertidos. Congratulations!


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