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By Vendulka - February 17, 2012


Hi, my name is Vendula - nice to meet you:-). My friends call me Vendulka. You could see this name "Made with love, Vendulka " on my stamp - on my pictures.

vendulkam crochet pattern

You could find my work on my website called Magic with hook and needles ;-) I know, this is the longest name of website .....but......:-) You are heartily welcomed on my website too:-) I have two small girls, a lovely husband, and one dog honey lady. They all make my life complete:-) 

I do knitting from my childhood but the beauty of crocheting I found after my first daughter was born. I love the freedom of crocheting. The way you could use the colors and everything... I really love this way of creating. Crochet and knitting became inseparable parts of my life. I am trying to bring something new, something bright and colorful, something with positive ease, where me and others :-) could find my own "handwriting". 

vendulkam crochet

I really would wish, you will feel here like you would be at home. I would wish the positive energy, what I am trying to put to all my creations "jump" to you through the screen... and you will return to me:-) 

Yours, Vendulka

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3 komentářů

  1. Ciao Vendulka, prevedi di fare schemi in italiano, sei dettagliata ma la tua lingua non la conosco ..fammi sapere. sno interessata

  2. Hi, I'm so glad I've found your blog! Now I'm gonna create my craft world with you and your inspirational works. they are like bright butterflies on the whole web!

  3. Your work is charming.I really love and appreciate your color choices.


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