Friday, August 23, 2013

Do you like free crochet patterns?

I do :-) ...

flower applique free pattern

Hi there ,
sometimes, you wrote me, that when you would like to open some of my free pdf crochet patterns - that it says to you, that the file could not be opened... well - I think that it is something what I can not able to know why it is happening... so I made a big decission :-) and I decided to write my free patterns directly on the blog and to pdf's files too :-).. What do you think about it?

And what about to begin right now? With hmmm ...... Flower Applique ?

OK, let's begin :-) Make a cup of coffee or tea, take a hook 3 mm and some rest of 100% cotton, 5 ply weight yarn, maybe you find some buttons and I know, that you find some beads in your sewing's suitcase too :-) 

I choosed the colors of chakras: 115 red, 281 orange, 208 yellow, 205 green, 165 light blue, 124 indigo blue, 113 violet and 114 cyklamen

Material I used: 100% cotton  - Catania Solids by Schachenmayr SMC

Abbreviations used:
Chain (CH)
Slip stitch (SlSt)
Single crochet (SC)
Half double crochet (HDC)
Double crochet (DC)

Make 6 petals and the flower center following the instructions below.

Beginning:  make 9 CH

free crochet pattern

Row 1: insert hook in second stitch from the hook and make 8 SC

free crochet pattern

Round 2: 1 CH, 4 SC, 1 HDC, 1 DC, 2 DC in one stitch, 5 DC in last stitch, work in the circle and continue 2 DC in one stitch, 1 DC, 1 HDC, 4 SC

free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern

Round 3:  work in the circle and crochet continuously 1 CH, 9 SC, 5 times 2 SC in one stitch, 8 SC, 1 SlSt, end the work.

Center of the flower:
Use violet color yarn, work in the circle rounds

Beginning: 5 CH, join  with 1 SlSt and make a ring
Round 1: 3 CH as a first DC, 10 DC, join first DC with 1 SlSt  (11 DC)

free crochet pattern

Round 2: 3 CH as a first DC, 1 DC in next stitch, 2 DC in every other  stitch from previous round,  join first DC with 1 SlSt (20 DC), end the work.
Round 3: change the color, use bright pink color  and crochet (2 SC in one stitch, 1 SC in next stitch) - repeat it 10 times totally, join first SC with 1 SlSt (30 SC), end the work.

free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern

Fasten off free threads and sew the petals to the centre of the flower. You will sew on backside of the flower. There is a backside view on the pictures below.

free crochet pattern

Then embellish the applique by the beads, spangles and button following your imagination.

free crochet pattern

 And your colorful flower appligue is finished :-) 

free crochet pattern

Enjoy the pattern :-)

Here is some inspiration. These hats were handmade by my in 2011 most of all. I just love the flowers :-)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just relax

crochet owl

I felt a little bit nervous today so I took a hook and made some owls - just for calming down.... :-) These three small owl friends are looking  at me and I feel much better now :-) And what about you, helps you the crocheting to calming down too?

crochet owl

crochet owl

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Crochet purse pattern

Crochet purse pattern

My new purse with small hearts

I used two threads of the yarn, gently colors ... I really enjoyed to made it :-) I know, I promised to write some patterns, I have already wrote them - only translating is waiting on me .... but you know, when you have luck and you have an idea - you just have to take a hook and make it right now, because sometimes...and it happens... the idea will disappear like a soap bubble.. :-)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the moments to remember :-)

I am still in flight after our return from holiday vacation, but there are also some rare moments of peace that is for me to remember :-)

from our garden
from our garden
Our sweet Natalka celebrated 6th Birthday, we spent a beautiful day and friend of mine Sarka made delicious cake for her again . 

We love you, Natalka, our little girl. You are so sweet, smart and with great sence of humor ... we are so grateful, that you are in our lives, our little miracle ..

The art making of the cakes! Great job, delicious taste - oh I am looking forward so much to another :-) Thank you very much, Sarinka :-)

Do you see the happinness in her face? I do :-)

 Have a nice day :-)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let the worries behind and go..:-)

In my last post I shared some pictures from our holiday vacation in Croatia - Pag Island. It was our first vacation for 7 years and first with our little girls and I am so happy that we could go.. We had a wonderful time. I forget how I miss the travelling, discovering new places, meeting new people, tasting new food .. We like camping very much and we have new big family tent now and my husband's dream is have a camper van someday :-).. and until this date.... I just only make a crocheted one for him :-)...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summertime and the livin' is easy

I just love Summertime! The warm weather, the smell of the summer, slowness, lazy hours... It seems like all is different ..I know, I didn't write neither word so long - but....

Send you many greetings, my dear :-)

Croatia Pag
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