Friday, February 17, 2012

My first contribution on my blog


Hi, my name is Vendula - nice to meet you:-)
My friends call me Vendulka. You could see this name
 "Made with love, Vendulka " on my stamp - on my pictures. 

You could find my work on my website called Magic with hook and needles ;-) I know, this is a longest name of website .....but......:-) You are heartily welcomed on my website too:-)

I have two small girls, lovely husband and one dog honey lady. They all make my life complete:-) 

I do knitting from my childhood but the beauty of crocheting I found after my first daughter was born. I love the freedom of crocheting. The way you could use the colors and everything... I really love this way of creating. Crochet and knitting became inseparable parts of my life. I am trying to bring something new, something bright and colorful, something with positive ease, where me and others :-) could find my own "handwriting".

I really would wish, you will feel here like you would be at home. I would wish the positive energy, what I am trying to put to all my creations "jump" to you through the screen... and you will return to me:-) 


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