The Fuzzy Yarn - How to crochet with it?

By Vendulka - March 22, 2017

Hi my dears, 
do you like fuzzy yarn? Are you using it in your projects, or are you afraid of making with this yarn? The working with a fuzzy yarn could be a challenge, I know it. But I think, that the project made of fuzzy yarn are so pretty and chunky and soft, that it deserves to not give up and accept this challenge, right! :-)

Crochet hedgehog hat - crochet pattern by Vendulka Maderska

There is a plenty type of fuzzy yarns on the market. The difference between these yarns is in the thickness and length of the fringes. They could be thin and long or thick and short, the could a have some sparkle. They could be combined with another thread e.g. pompons. I am using a mixture of pompom and eyelash yarn with long fringes for making the hair of my dolls and angles most of all and decoration. 

Crochet hedgehog hat - crochet pattern by VendulkaM

 For making the hats, sheep, and wreaths, I am using the yarn with thick and short fringe.

Crochet fox hat - crochet pattern by Vendulka Maderska

You could find really wide amount for different fuzzy/ shaggy/ eyelash yarns in the stores. Here are some examples of yarn I use or I have at home right now :-)

If I am creating something for children, I am always use certificated and tested yarn for products suitable for children. But I was very curious about the quality of the yarn from eBay (the green ball), so I bought some no name, no brand ball and used it but for our outdoor wreath. It looks very nice, I am satisfied with working with this yarn but as I wrote before, if I will make something for the children I will always use the tested, branded yarn.

I personally like to work with a fuzzy yarn. It needs the practice a little bit, but I think, that it is necessary to use it in some projects :-) And because I know, that sometimes, it could be hard to start to crocheting with fuzzy yarn, I would like to write and show you my tips and advice for working with it. I hope, you will find it useful :-)

  • Choose the right yarn for your project

Before you will make some project, please take your time and search the right yarn for you. Make a little research. It will not need much time for that, but it is necessary. Read the description of the yarn properly, don't believe the pictures of the yarn itself only :-) Sometimes the yarn could look more fleecy on the pictures, then it is in the presence. Search for the pictures of the finished projects on the internet. It will give you a great overview, how the yarn looks. At home, I have so many yarns, which looks beautiful on the pictures and in balls, but not when they are processed. The final projects looked not nice. Sometimes by crocheting with a fuzzy yarn, it could be difficult to see the stitches. The visibility of the stitches depends on the colors also. If you will work with darker colors, the visibility of the stitches could me more difficult. So think about the colors you will use also.

I will write about fuzzy yarns with a short and thick density of the fringes today.

  • Test the yarn and make the sample

I know that feeling, you have an idea, you have yarn and you would like to make your projects immediately. But I recommend to you take a little time and make a sampler. Choose the right hook size just for you. Sometimes, there is a recommendation for using the hook on the yarn's tape. But as you know, every crocheter is unique and sometimes you have to change the hook to work will go better. For work with a fuzzy yarn, it is recommended to use the bigger hook, about 4,5-8 mm wide hook.

I will write you my own experience: I like to work with Happy yarn by Yarnart. It has some glittering, it looks so nice at the sun. There is a recommendation of using 8 mm wide hook. It is so huge for me, even I make a hat or crochet the sheep, I am using a hook 4,5 mm wide and it is great for my style of crocheting. So not always, the recommendation on the tape could fit your own style of crocheting. You should adjust the size hook according to your style of crocheting and the crocheted project also.

Upper picture: Happy yarn by YarnArt, hook 4,5 mm/ US 7
Lower picture: Happy yarn by YarnArt, hook 8 mm 

As you see the difference is really huge. I will probably use the hook 8 mm if I will make some clothes, but for my hats and decoration are the stitches too big. For the hat, I would probably use hook 5 mm, for amigurumi 4,5 mm and for some airy sweather hook 8 mm. So always it is needed to realize what project you will make before you will start crocheting. But generally, it is recommended to work with a bigger hook by crocheting with a fuzzy yarn. If the stitches will be too tight, it will be very difficult to work with them.

  • Practice
So, you have a yarn and right hook, you made a sampler and you could begin of crocheting of your project - Tra Lala Tra Lala :-) 

  • Focus on the chain strand
The crocheting with fuzzy yarn could be hard because sometimes it is difficult to see the stitches. If you take a closer look at your yarn, it consists of the chain strand and the fringes. By crocheting try to focus on the chain strand. The visibility of strand is varied on used material, as you see on the picture below.  But always you could see these two parts (chain strand and fringes). 

Upper thread is Happy yarn by YarnArt, lower thread is Pipsqueak yarn by Bernat.

  • Feel the next stitch 
What I mean with this? Before you will insert a hook in next stitch, take your thumb and middle finger and feel the stitch between these fingers and after then insert a hook. From my point of view, this is the most important sentence of the whole post. You will need not only your eyes, but you will need also the sense of touch by crocheting with a fuzzy yarn :-) As you see in the picture below I keep next stitch between my fingers right next to the stitch marker. Crochet slowly, with relaxed hands and good light :-)

  • Working in the rounds
When you will crochet in the rounds, I will recommend working in spiral circle rounds, it means, that you will not turn the work after every round, you crochet continuously.

  • Use the stitch marker
Obviously, I am not using any stitch markers. Because if you work with a smooth yarn, you could always easily see the stitches and rounds and count them if needed. But working with the fuzzy yarn is not this case. So I am using the stitch marker, or short piece of contrast yarn, to I could see the beginning of the round. It is very important. And do you know, what is great for working with a fuzzy yarn? If you will make a mistake in the total amount of the stitches - it is not visible :-) So no drama. You could easily fix it in next round :-) But I recommend to count the stitches of every single round.

  • Work SC in back loops of the stitches
If you will work in back loops of the stitches, the rounds will be more defined. The fringes will stay outside and this will be the right side of your project and the structure of the project will look more compacted. I used my favorite Kacenka yarn and hook 3 mm for the sample, to it will be more visible.

You will crochet SC as common but you will work into in back loops only, insert a hook from middle to back of the loop and crochet SC as common.

And now crocheting with a fuzzy yarn.

If you will work in back loops only, work in spiral circle rounds. It means that you will not turn the work at the end of the round. The bulging part of the stitches will be on one side only. This side will become the wrong side of your work :-)

  • Crochet between stitches 
Double crochet example
I don't know if you make it by the way as me, but most of all when I am crocheting DC I insert a hook under both loops of the next stitch. I used my favorite Kacenka yarn and hook 3 mm for the sample.

When I am crocheting with a fuzzy yarn, I insert a hook between the stitches under the loops. The stitches are better to see and the separation of the stitches is more visible. I am using this technique when I am crocheting the hats from fuzzy yarn.

Fist picture: DC crocheted under the both loops
Second picture: DC crocheted between the stitches

  • Count the rounds as you go
I love to crochet without patterns, not to count the stitches and rounds. But always it is possible when you make one single creation only. If you would like to make several same creations, the counting of the stitches and rounds is necessary. And especially by crocheting with a fuzzy yarn, because the rounds are difficult to see, I recommend to count and mark off every single round.

Well, my dears  I am at the end of my long post and I really hope, that it will be useful for you. I wish you happy crocheting with a fuzzy yarn :-)

Thank you for reading ♥

Crochet sheep by Vendulka Maderska

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  1. Thank you Vendula! This is a fantastic article with a ton of fabulous information and great ideas and suggestions. I have had some of the same issues with working with these different types of yarns. I think your suggestion of doing a test, making sure that you know what the yarn feels like and will look like in your project, is a fantastic idea. What a disappointment it would be to purchase all of the yarn you need to complete a project and then find out that the yarn you purchased is all wrong. By doing a test, you will always be sure that you are purchasing just the right specialty yarn you need. Thank you for this fantastic information!

  2. I loved this. The instructions were so well defined and illustrated that even novices like myself could feel the relief. Making a sample is the best idea yet, and will save tears in the long run.Thank you Vendula!


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