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Hi there :-),

My name is Vendula and Magic with hook and needles is my beloved magical world of crochet designs. It is not only my work - but also my hobby, passion - my life. My friends call me Vendulka. You could see this name " Made with love, Vendulka " on the stamp on my pictures. I have two small girls - these little miracles give a sence of my life...

I do knitting from my childhood. The beauty of crocheting I found after my first daughter was born. I love the freedom of crocheting. The way you could use the colors and everything. 

With all of my work I am trying to break the cliché, that the crocheting is boring and outdated technique. I like to show that the crocheting can be funny, colorful, fashionable and cool. I am using many details in my work and sometimes making the details take me same time as crocheting of the main part :-)... But I think that small detail can change something ordinary to something special. It's same like in the life - just depends on the details :-) My patterns are written very in detail, because I really would like to the final products will be nice, that the people would be satisfied with final work, know something new and be proud on oneself, that they made it by their own hands.

I belive in power of the colors and that the colors could bright your days. Therefore is all my work so colorful ..:-)
Crochet patterns by Vendulka

What you could find on my blog ? 

I just love to write this blog, it is like my own personall candyshop, my diary... :-)  It is a gallery of my work and some small fragments of my life. If you like my patterns and would like to buy some of them, please visit my Etsy shop: www.vendulkam.etsy.com Thank you!

Do you like free patterns? :-)

I do! Just click here, there are some of my free crochet patterns and tutorials waiting for you to make it :-)


... I really would wish, you will feel like at home here. I wish, that the positive energy, I am making all my designs with, "jump" to you through the screen and bright your day.  

Vendulka from Magic with hook and needles

P.S. I am still in little fight with my English. I appologize for mistakes in grammar. Thank you for your patience with me :-) 

♥ Thank you also very much for your visits, for your e-mails and comments 

Magic with hook and needles, crochet patterns

From September 9, 2014:
Some of my favorite and important pictures from my life :-)

At this picture - it is me and parrot, which I found in winter in front of my grandparents house, when I was 4 years old. It was cold, the snow everywhere and in the middle of the garden, there he was, sitting and watching on me. He probably flew from someone. And my grandparents - they rescued him and took care of him for next 25 years. His name was Pepik. He was soo funny :-), he sung some songs, and grumbled when the light was on and he wanted to sleep. He was riding on the stick like on the scooter. When I came to him and whispered him about his beauty - he always begun spread out his wings :-) Oh, I loved this little guy !


History of my patchwork crocheting
In past before I became a crochet designer I made many many hats fitting directly to clothes as a custom orders. You could see some of them in this gallery. I remember every hat I made. It was great for practicing and improving not only my crocheting, but designing also. And one of the request was to make a hat to fit to patchwork tunic... I looooove patchwork. But I can not sewing at that time. And I told to myself, so if they could sew it, why I can not crochet it? :-) It is maybe 6 years ago and I still remember the beautiful little girl, I was making the hat for. Her name was Valinka.
And I think, that something inside of me changed after I made this hat. I started to thinking about my crocheting  directly by different way and I really desired to find my own way.... Not to fit the hats to someone designs, but make my own designs :-) So I have to thanks to Valinka and her mommy, who gave the trust to me and thanks them I could begun spread out my wings like Pepik :-)
This is my first patchwork hat with my first patchwork heart. I never forget it this creation. This hat changed everything :-)

Patchwork hat

... and can not forget of the patchwork heart, which became my sign :-)

Patchwork heart


  1. Your creations stir my heart! They are full of fun and joy, with all the beautiful colors and your creative genius! What a gift you have! I am so grateful you share it with us all. Thank you! kathleen

    1. Thank you very much for your nice words, Kathleen :-)

  2. Dear Vendulka, I love your work and your patterns! Your colorful work is such an inspiration and makes me smile!
    I wrote about you on my blog today:

    1. Thank you very much, Karin! I know - a little bit delay.... Please forgive me it... :-) Send you many greetings, Vendulka

  3. i love your creations a lot at the first time, and they are so inspiring!! and i agree that crochet is not outdated :) i love the free patterns, it easy to read. i'll make one of them ASAP. thank you :)

  4. You are a big inspiration with all your creativity and the way you dare to use colours! I just love your creations and how you decorate them with buttons and more. Keep going strong!!!

  5. I have enjoyed your designs...like you I love color! I learned crochet when I was 9 years old from my grandma ... and I leaned knitting but I really don't like it... (oh please you knitting lovers don't hate me :))) I really love your site ... its really an inspiration... You are really talented! Big hug! Kassia

  6. Magic with hook, needles and colour! You rock Vendulka!

  7. I wanted to buy your cute chicken pattern, but says your address is no longer working when I try and click on your patterns. Is there anyway I can buy that pattern??

    1. Hi there, thank you very much for your interest of my patterns. Here you could find my patterns store: http://vendulkam.etsy.com
      Kind regards, Vendula

  8. God has given you amazing talent! Thank you for blessing us with it :)

  9. Hi my dears, I looked here on this page and there is so many new messages. I am sooooo happy for that! Thank you so much :-)

  10. Felicidades Vendulka, estar en tu pagina es una bendición , gracias por la generosidad de compartir tu talento , que Dios te bendiga y siga creando mas maravillas.Marta.

  11. Hi I have been crochet the flower cardigan but now I don't know how you make the edge were I will put buttons later.... and in the end of the cardigans do you have any end there or?

  12. Love love love everything you crochet!!!! Amazing and utterly beautiful. U are a star! Ingrid

  13. Hi Vendula Can you contact me on e-post susanneljung@outlook.com I have a question I have to ask for a Swedish translation of a pattern of yours. I can´t get thru in this way Sincerely Susanne

  14. Merveilleux site , merci beaucoup , je le découvre :)